Thursday, December 23, 2004

Does Everyone Have a Search Engine? The Worst Search Engine Awards

Here they are: My awards for the worst search engines ever:

1. SearchGooHoo - a "portal" using Adsense search and hawking expensive keywords. Do they think we're morons??
2. Accoona - Besides for winning the worst name for a search engine ever, what is up with this search engine? The "super-targeting" does almost nothing and sounds like part of a Japanese video game. And why, why, why does it not show the entire URL, just the top domain? Bill Clinton: "I hope you all make lots of money." Umm...I doubt it.
3. EWoss - What clever and relevant paid ads. I'm sure you will all be rich.
4. GenieKnows - A search engine that only displays paid advertising. Why didn't I think of that? Oh yeah, because it is incredibly stupid.
5. KartOO - Honestly, can anyone really use this engine. Cool concept, but completely impractical. Also, can someone name a search engine without putting two "O"s in the title. It worked for Google and Yahoo, but, um, they back it up with something.
6. TYGO - Where do I even start. First come, first serve, block-price PPC engine that littered SES San Jose with scratch-off $250-worth-of-advertising cards. They suck. You have to pay a "set-up fee" to use the card--and any 10-digit number will get you $250 free. They could give out $250,000 free. Stay away.
7. Start.Net - An astute reader pointed this one out. Yet another gem only offering paid results. How can I possibly stay away. Logo is cool, though. But, c'mon, if you have such a great domain name, do something with it, dammit!

Just so this post isn't negative, I LOVE Clusty! Had a talk with them at AD:Tech NYC and told them not to change a thing. I've liked the Vivisimo technology ever since Fatwallet began using it back in the day.

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